What Happens When You Troll Nigeria Back…This

A couple weeks ago, I found my self inundated with people from Nigeria trying to engage me in religious conversations.  Generally I would just block them and be on my way, but after the fourth person in a single day tried to chat with me on Facebook, I decided it was time to shut this down.

Below is the chat I engaged in with this person from Nigeria.  I hope you enjoy it.



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After nearly a half hour of telling this guy a story, I decided it was time to block him and shut this down.  I blocked him and the “let me perform my miracle on u nw” came in under the wire.

Like a final scene after all of the credits of a movie have run, it was by far the best last comment I could have received.  My only regret?  I will never know what the miracle was.

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I'm a trans woman just trying to live a "normal" life for the first time ever. Read me on Bustle, PlanetTransgender, The Advocate, Original Plumbing, The Colu.mn, CNNi, TransGenTimes, New York Times and various other outlets.

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